Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Laptop Game Toshiba C800D

Toshiba C800D Laptop Game

Laptop Satellite Toshiba C640 Bekas

Used Toshiba Laptop Bekas C800D
Here toshiba c800d specs:

  • AMD Fusion processors E1-1800
  • Sodimm 2GB DDR3 dual channel
  • 500 GB Sata hard drive
  • 14.0 LED Display - LCD wide
  • VGA AMD Radeon HD7340 384MB VRam
  • The ability to use the laptop battery in 2 hours
  • The physical condition of the laptop casing 95% - seal
  • Additional features: dvd multilayer, card reader, hdmi, wifi, webcam
  • Completeness is included only original adapter toshiba
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Laptop Bekas
Laptop Game Toshiba C800D